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Your brand deserves to light up the sky.

Stand out from the crowd with a marketing strategy carefully crafted for you, your team and your audience.


About Matchstick Marketing

Strike a match.
Make it stick.

A boutique consulting firm that helps brands stand out and deliver on their promise to be different, meaningful and impactful through market strategy, brand identity and culture transformation.


Simplicity and clarity are two of the main ingredients to success. If your product is easy to pitch in your head, but hard to explain, or if you can't communicate your ideas easily and efficiently, this program is for you. Matchstick Marketing specializes in clarifying brand value so that you can sell better, attract investors and drive interest to your product or service with ease.


Why waste time and money spreading a message to an audience that won't convert? Matchstick makes your dollar work harder by identifying ideal client profiles and buyer personas through market research, user surveys and in-depth analysis. Archetypes are then used to build a go-to-market strategy that is appropriate for your budget and your audience.


Companies are made up by teams. Teams are made up by people. People are made up by values and goals. As your brand changes, it is important to define not only how the market sees you, but also how the people of your organization embody the values and goals set forth by the company. Attract and retain the right talent by building a culture that people believe in and want to work for.


Recent posts from the Matchstick Marketing blog


Laura, Owner of Rad Max Vintage

I cannot recommend Jamie and Matchstick Marketing enough. I came to MM with a vintage clothing business I had started in the back of a sports bar. In a few months my company had grown and it's previous name no longer encompassed my product, nor what I wanted the company to grow into.  Jamie has an incredible skill set in that she is able to beautifully blend creativity with her business and marketing mind. She somehow took a rambling monologue about all the things I wanted my name to say and boiled it down to three (perfect) words. The logo design was even more fun (and incredible to watch). She used a curated vision board and my many phone calls and made me a perfect logo. Through both of these, I am able to view everything I do with the business through a more specific lens - making the forward momentum of my company more specific and successful.

Jamie is also incredibly easy and fun to work with. I have no idea how she is so good at what she does, but having her there as a sounding board for all of my marketing and business ideas (website, social media, email marketing, etc) has been beyond helpful. She has a fantastic way of helping to guide me through decisions and introduce new and thoughtful ideas to continue to grow my business. 

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