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Laura, Owner of Rad Max Vintage

I cannot recommend Jamie and Matchstick Marketing enough. I came to MM with a vintage clothing business I had started in the back of a sports bar. In a few months my company had grown and it's previous name no longer encompassed my product, nor what I wanted the company to grow into.  Jamie has an incredible skill set in that she is able to beautifully blend creativity with her business and marketing mind. She somehow took a rambling monologue about all the things I wanted my name to say and boiled it down to three (perfect) words. The logo design was even more fun (and incredible to watch). She used a curated vision board and my many phone calls and made me a perfect logo. Through both of these, I am able to view everything I do with the business through a more specific lens - making the forward momentum of my company more specific and successful.

Jamie is also incredibly easy and fun to work with. I have no idea how she is so good at what she does, but having her there as a sounding board for all of my marketing and business ideas (website, social media, email marketing, etc) has been beyond helpful. She has a fantastic way of helping to guide me through decisions and introduce new and thoughtful ideas to continue to grow my business. 

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