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Brand Transformation, At Your Service

You made a brand promise to your consumers to be different, meaningful and impactful. It's our job to help you fulfill that promise by shaping a marketing strategy that is unique to your product and your team

Matchstick begins every project by immersing into the

business, starting with your leadership team. We take time to

understand the shifts your business is trying to make, your growth strategy, and the aspirations for your brand.  Once goals are laid out and understood, we get to work addressing them through brand and marketing strategy, visual identity, employer branding, and brand experience development.

purpose planning

A series of collaborative workshops and research exercises to identify, articulate, and align leadership teams around the core identity of your company. Work will deliver a Purpose Plan that includes a corporate vision and mission statement, along with identifying shifts the business should consider making in order to live the purpose more authentically.

market strategy

Matchstick methodology maps your marketing strategy to a newly articulated purpose-led brand strategy, transforming how your brand connects to people and their cultures - domestic or international alike. We define each deliverable acccording to your audience and align content to articulate why your brand matters, why it’s different, and to ensure a meaningful, lasting bond between your brand and customers.

culture branding

Protect your bottom line with an employer brand strategy that inspires work culture and a positive team environment. Leading with purpose sets the stage for an employee value proposition that resonates with existing team members and potential recruits, helping them to understand why their work matters, or what working for your brand might feel like. This programs helps brands inject emotion, meaning, and humanity into their brand, so that they are no longer just words, but rather tools to retain talent that you have, and talent for the future.

creative services

Your brand deserves a look and feel that matches your brand goals. Work with Matchstick to develop a comprehensive visual identity, including logo work, brand guidelines and a strategy to execute new brand experiences, videos, website design and swag.

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