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Many people ask me what majoring in the study of Anthropology from the University of Virginia has to do with anything. It's a quick story, and one that tends to create an "A-Ha!" reaction from the questioner. Anthropology is about people, their cultures, and how their view of the world is shaped through experience. Traditionally speaking, I’ve worked in the brand and marketing industry since 2011, but I've loved creative storytelling since I was small. I built this business with the intention of working with companies who want to sell their product, attract people to their team, or convert people to their cause. The common denominator? The need to connect with people. Through my vast experience across the Fintech, life insurance, healthcare and CPG industries, I use the idea of cultural storytelling to help companies connect the right messaging architecture and visual representation to convert people to their product or idea. I study people and their culture, so that you can better immerse in theirs, resulting in better conversions and positive growth. From New York to Philadelphia, I have diverse experience to help with every stage of the marketing process. With equal parts right and left brain, I focus on coming up with creative communication strategies and solutions for clients that want to connect with their audience in more effective ways. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I offer the highest quality marketing services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or schedule your initial consultation today.

Jamie, Owner and Founder of Matchstick Marketing

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